This is the spot you'll find our goofy stories, funny happenings, things the kids say and the like. We share them with you so you'll know we're just ordinary people. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it is not. But we are real nonetheless... This is the day to day of the Russell Family!
Last week Emma said, "I can't remember my lesson from this week, or the challenge. I guess I'm just going to have to be completely good til next week."
There was a lot of commotion just now outside our bedroom door... we look to see Selah swinging wildly, laughing and yelling "You're a butthead!" There is Josh, with his arm outstretched and his hand on her forehead. She couldn't hit him if she tried since her arms are so much shorter. But it sure was funny to watch her try!
Karalynn is our silent type (5 yr old). I was making pork & sauerkraut on Sunday when Selah came in complaining about how awful sauerkraut smells. She was making a huge deal about it, when I noticed Karalynn walk by and head out the back door. Moments later she came back in and walked right on past me to go play... except... she had a clothes pin on her nose, LOL. Never said a word.
Today I looked at Noah while we were driving home and said, " Noah, you're getting so big. I think you're going to have to forego growing anymore until we get a 15 passenger van again, because we're not all going to fit for much longer." He said, "You know there are snakes that grow only the size of the aquarium they are put in." I think we need to get him a much smaller room.
Some things momma's just shouldn't know about. Joshua just told me that in order to get his Taser Certification at the Sheriff's Dept., which should be in the next week or so, that he will be tasered. It's a requirement so that you'll know how a prisoner will react. Aaaacckkk! Sure glad you don't have to get shot to know how you'll react to a gun!
We all know that Dale is the 'princess and the pea'. He can't sleep if there is a single crumb in our bed. So we were absolutely amazed when we cleared the table from dinner that he had sat all through the meal on two whole loaves of bread.   The funny thing is that while Dale's pet peave is a crumb in bed.....that I have only one major complaint, even worthy of my tombstone.....I HATE SQUISHED BREAD!

Lexie was eating spaghetti, 'abetti' as she calls it. Josh said, "The other one ate a ton last night." I said, "Josh, do you know which one this is...and who 'the other one' is?" He backed up a little bit and looked at her carefully and said, "You're Lexie right?" She looked at him with a cute little grin and said, "No." He looked very confused thinking he had it right. He said, "Are you Livie then?" Poor guy, he'll never know which one's which at this rate because she answered "Nope."
Apparently Olivia had heard the older kids talk about going to the library before because she asked, "When are we going to the library card?"
Kristan Russell